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Fifty years after The Feminine Mystique and 40 years after Title IX, the question of why women lag in the workplace dogs researchers and lay people alike. While women are entering the professions at rates equal to men, they rise more slowly, and rarely advance to the top. Some suggest that there is something different about women—women have stalled because of their personal choices, or their cognitive and emotional characteristics, whether innate or socialized. Until now. Trans people are bringing entirely new ways of approaching the discussion. Because trans people are now staying in the same careers and sometimes the very same jobs after they change genders, they are uniquely qualified to discuss the difference between how men and women experience the workplace.
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Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides

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Transgender voice therapy and surgery - Mayo Clinic

A doctor in India is planning to transplant a womb into a transgender woman, possibly enabling her to carry children, a report says. New Delhi-based surgeon Dr Narendra Kaushik plans to perform the surgery at his clinic using a donated organ from a living or dead donor, according to The Mirror. The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant. While a transplanted uterus would not allow a transgender woman to conceive naturally, due to the womb not connecting to any fallopian tubes, she could in theory become pregnant through IVF, The Mirror said. There has only been one recorded case of a trans woman having a uterus transplant, Danish artist Lili Elbe in , but she died months later from complications. Uterine transplants are rare even for cis-gender woman, having first being successfully carried out in Sweden in
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Trans swimmer Lia Thomas has faced pushback from her Penn teammates since joining the women's team

It took me several years to unpack the fundamental principles of thriving while trans. When I transitioned back in , there were virtually no movies, TV shows, books, or think pieces modeling the possibilities. The majority of the trans-centric content we consume is centered on our suffering, and our capacity to escape death is lauded the acme of accomplishment. Lean in so you can catch every single syllable of this: Survival is not the ceiling.
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My friend Giselle Donnelly is the kind of person whose views, these days, are routinely denounced in elite circles as transphobic. A transphobe? Actually, Donnelly is a trans woman. The gender ideologues who claim to speak for transgender equality do not speak for her. I do not wish to be a tool of revolutionaries or a target for reactionaries, and I detest their wish to tear the fabric of Western liberalism to shreds.
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