Causes Of White Hairy Tongue

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For A Healthier Smile. Oral Health Education. Freshen up your inbox with exclusive offers, pro tips, and other smile-worthy treats from Colgate. Sign up now. Seeing a black hairy tongue in the mirror can be unsettling.
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Thick, black 'hairs' coated a man's tongue. Here's why.

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What can your tongue tell you about your health? | Livi

A man went to a dermatology clinic after the top of his tongue became coated in a dense carpet of hairlike fibers. His doctors quickly diagnosed him with a surprisingly common medical condition: "black hairy tongue," known medically as lingua villosa nigra. Three months prior to his examination, the man, who is in his 50s, had a stroke that caused paralysis on the left side of his body, and his left side still remained weak at the time of his dermatology appointment, according to a new report of the case, published Wednesday March 9 in the journal JAMA Dermatology opens in new tab. After the stroke, the man was put on a diet of pureed food and liquids, and about two and a half months later, his caretakers noticed "black pigmentation" covering the surface of his tongue. The thick, black coating was tinged with "yellowish" streaks near the midline and back of the tongue, according to the case report. The outer edges, tip and dead center of the tongue were free of the gunk, the authors noted. A closer examination revealed that the black coating was made up of long, thin fibers, with bright, yellow deposits — likely trapped food particles — scattered throughout.
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White Tongue Symptoms: Causes, Types, Treatments and Home Remedies

Heather M. Jones is a freelance writer with a focus on health, parenting, disability, and feminism. The appearance of your tongue can be an indicator of your overall health.
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The tongue is mainly made up of muscles. It is covered with a mucous membrane. Small bumps papillae cover the surface of back part of the tongue. Tongue movement problems are most often caused by nerve damage. Rarely, problems moving the tongue may also be caused by a disorder where the band of tissue that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short.
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