Let Me Smother Your Face

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She is such a 'smother'- her poor boyfriend has to wear whatever she tells him to. When a heavier person aligns their body on top of a lighter person, such that the lighter person has the sensation of being squashed and unable to breathe. Girl says to boy while rolling around in bed on a lazy sunday: "can you smother meee? Ben: Smother called me at in the morning to make sure I made it home. Billy: You forgot to call her when you got home? She had to assume you were dead in a ditch somewhere.
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Smother Me lyrics

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SMOTHER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Make sure you are prepared and that everyone in your house knows exactly what to do. You should have an escape route planned that everyone in your house is familiar with. When calling:. You should find somewhere safe to wait near the building. If there's someone still inside, wait for the Fire and Rescue Service to arrive. You can tell them about the person and they will be able to find them quicker than you. If you go back into the building, you will slow down the fire-fighters' efforts to rescue anyone else missing, as well as putting your own life in great danger.
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Smother Me chords by The Used

Let me be the one who calls you baby All the time Surely you can take some comfort Knowing that you're mine Just hold me tight, lay by my side and let me be the one who calls you Baby all the time Let me be the one who never leaves You all alone I hold my breath and lose the feeling That I'm on my own Hold me too tight stay by my side and let me be the one who calls you Baby all the time When I'm alone time goes so slow I need you here with me and how my mistakes have made Your heart break Still I need you here with me Baby I'm here I found my place in the world Could stare at your face for the rest of my days How can I breathe, turn my insides out and Smother me Warm and alive I'm all over you would you smother me? Posted by GUrbi at PM. Song Lyrics.
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Let Me Smother Your Face
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